Your pickup day for Memorial Day  will be on May 31st Friday 


-You now can purchace your tags at the ExtraMart in Dryden, Kinney Drugs,  as well as the village office :)

1. Please make sure that you have your trash out by 630 Because they Driver starts sharply at 7am! :)

2. Please make sure that all containers have the garbage bagged ( our drivers don't have machines that lift the cans , they do it themselves, so if there is a container full of loose trash and its too heavy , they then cant take your trash )

3. Also please make sure you are properly tagging your garbage! Remember 1 tag for every 20 pounds of trash ( which normally comes out to 1 tag for a 30 gallon bag or 1 tag for every 2- 13 gallon kitchen tall bags


*** Have a broken chair, the couch you are replacing or a bulky item you just don't know what to do with? Call the office and we will pick it up for a small additional fee or let you know how many extra tags you need. Have a few extra bags or cans that just cant wait till your next pickup? We can help you with that too,  Just call us in the office and we will let you know the cost and also let the driver know that there will be extra trash that day & it's ok to take !!! 


Electrical items are NOT allowed in the trash- This means NO  TV's or Computers anything of this kind- 

Memorial Day 

Our Office's will be Closed

All Trash Services will be a day behind !!

Enjoy the Holiday with your friends and families! 


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The village tags for Freeville are the same as the county tags!!