Residential & Commerical Dumpster

Does & Dont's 

What you CAN and CAN NOT put in the DUMPSTERS at Homes and Business

1.  No wet paint or oil

2. No Concrete

3. No Dirt /Rock or Any Type of Material More the a 5 Gallon Pal 

4..  No Tires

5.. Nothing with Freon ( Refrigerator's, Dehumidifiers)

6. No Liquids ( by this we mean jugs of cleaning solvents, or liquids comparable)

7. No Lumber Larger then 2 x 4 ( which must be cut into 3 feet sections ) 

8.. Hazardous Materials ( Such as Asbestos)

9. Bi-Hazard Material

10.. ANY Electronics of any kind for example but not limited to : TV-VCR-Computers(and all components) Laptops-DVD players

11.Construction Debris - Unless already Approved By Office - NO SHINGLES - 

If any of the items are found in the box , you will be charged for the items accordingly, box may also be refused by the driver depending on the items found inside the box .


If you have any large Items that wont FIT inside the container - Can be Take if Called ahead to the office for an addition charge. 

If you ever have a question on what can and can not be placed inside containers please just call the office , we are happy to help!

607-564-7717 - Missy is the Main Girl in the Office Who handles Residentail and Commecial Accounts ! 



Our Office's will be Closed

All Trash Services will be a day behind !!

Enjoy the Holiday with your friends and families! 


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